Steve Cartwright

Experienced and trusted industry professional with
over 50 published products on mobile, Facebook, PC, & console.

Products and product lines have generated over $500M in revenue.

Co-holder 2 patents on internet technology.

Known for jump-starting stalled teams, building the first products on new platforms, and redefining existing genres.

Experienced running small independent teams with up to
12 simultaneous projects — to large structured teams developing AAA console titles.

Serious hands-on experience by personally designing, programming, producing, directing, art directing, UI/UX designing, and/or sound designing over 50 successful products.

Technical expertise from programming in 8 languages on
14 platforms – including assembly, Objective-C & ActionScript.

Handling of contract negotiations, licensor relationships, mentoring, recruiting, career management, compensation, P&L, & 5-year business plans.


  • Experienced Creative Director / GM / EP / Designer / Developer
  • Published on 14+ platforms – including Facebook, iOS, & WebGL
  • Co-holder 2 patents

Over a dozen industry creative “Firsts” – including:

  • Designed / directed first drawing app with 3D avatar posing
  • Directed / patented first use of mouse-over to collect on-screen    rewards (Zoo World 2)
  • Designed / developed first political boxing game (Bush vs Kerry Boxing)
  • First Creative Director at EA Sports (Tiger Woods Franchise)
  • Designed / produced EA’s first casual sports game
  • Designed / produced first Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf
  • Designed / produced EA’s first multi-player sports game (PGA TOUR Pro)
  • Designed / produced first use of an in-game aiming trajectory (PGA TOUR 486)

Specialties: 10,000+ hours on all aspects of development:

  • Design & Production
  • Strategic Planning
  • P&L Management
  • Product Development & Live Operations
  • Online, Social & Mobile Gaming
  • New IP Creation
  • Retention & Monetization


2 thoughts on “Steve Cartwright”

  1. Thanks for all your contributions to the gaming world. I and my familiy have played many hours of them from Barnstorming to Diner Dash. All the best and God bless.

  2. 1,2,3,4 and MEGA! MEGAMANIA! Megamania! It’s gonna drive you insane!! You’ve got to shoot to survive, you’ve got to run to stay alive! You may regret it, the day you get it – it’s never gonna let you alone! MEGAMANIA!!!

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