Steve Cartwright

Experienced and trusted industry professional with over 50 published products on mobile, Facebook, PC, & console.

Products and product lines have generated over $500M in revenue.

Known for jump-starting stalled teams, building the first products on new platforms, and redefining existing genres.

Experienced running small independent teams with up to 12 simultaneous projects — to large structured teams developing AAA console titles.

Serious hands-on experience by personally designing, programming, producing, directing, art directing, UI/UX designing, and/or sound designing over 50 successful products.

Technical expertise from programming in 8 languages on 14 platforms – including Objective-C & ActionScript.

Handling of contract negotiations, licensor relationships, mentoring, recruiting, career management, compensation, P&L, & 5-year business plans.

- Experienced Creative Director / GM / EP / Designer / Developer
- Published on 15+ platforms – including Facebook, iOS, & WebGL
- Co-holder 2 gameplay patents

Specialties: 10,000+ hours on all aspects of development:
- Design & Production
- Strategic Planning
- P&L Management
- Product Development & Live Operations
- Online, Social & Mobile Gaming
- New IP Creation
- Retention & Monetization

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